Monday, May 28, 2012

Jenny vs. the Beach

I had a BIG scare today with Jenny. She wandered off at the beach while I was in the bathroom (and someone else was supposed to be watching her), and we couldn't find her anywhere!!! No one that we had come with had seen her, either.

I was absolutely terrified. Jeff and I each took a direction and called for her. No luck. Then I raced to the lifeguard station, praying with all of my heart that someone could find her. As I approached, the lifeguard asked, "Are you Amy Cook?"

 "Yes!" I replied. "How did you know?"

 "We have a little girl at the other lifeguard station. She said, 'My mom is Amy Cook. And my name is Jenny.'" I sprinted to the other lifeguard tower and encircled her in a bear hug.

"Mommy," she asked, "Why did you run the other way?" She had seen me trot to the bathroom, and was trying to follow but couldn't catch up.

 "Did you go to the lifeguard tower yourself?" I asked incredulously.

 "My friends brought me," she replied simply. I'll never know who these friends were, but tonight I am offering many prayers of gratitude for these amazing friends that kept my Jenny safe.


Anonymous said...

at least she was found save and well, love dipi xx

carolyne b said...

So glad for those tender mercies....and happy to hear that Jenny was safe and sound.
I have a friend who is a mother to 4 little ones, recently she was at Costco when her Austic daughter ran away, Kiera is only 3 and prone to running. And if you call her she doesn't come back. Thank goodness for Code Adam and those in the store who stopped to help find Kiera. Again tender mercies and angels above watching over our most precious cargo.

Malin said...

Such a scary experience, I'm happy it ended well, thank heaven for sensible, tenderhearted people!

mfk1022 said...

Since i live literally across the street from the ocean My children including niece and nephews ,One of which is autistic have been trained to go to a life guard, life guard station or the entrance when they cant find us. there was once when the autistic nephew disappeared on us.Very harrowing 20 minutes of my life.He had wandered over to see the hermit crabs in the tall grass and we couldnt see him.When the life guard found him he refused to go with her because she was a stranger.No the less we were more than happy to walk over to him!I am glad jenny is safe.I can bet you will never forget the experience and will be telling it to jennys children when they are at the beach.just goes to show you how fast they can disappear.

Ralph & Debbie said...

Theres nothing like the feeling you get when you have lost your child in a crowded place like that. I lost my three year old for 15 mins at new york airport once. Luckily i had dressed his 5 year old brother in same clothes. People kept telling me as i run around. Oh are you looking for a little boy dressed like that and then directing me which way to go. Luckily a lady desk person had him. Hes 30 in august, but i still remember that feeling. So glad your daughter was safe.

ckleinca said...

So glad my Jenny is safe and sound - like Carolyne said Angels watching from above keep our little ones safe and sound. At least her intention was right - she did try to follow you but unfortunately cardiac arrest can follow. Special prayers of thanksgiving will be sent above today and always. Bless you all!

Pat Barge said...

This story conjoured up a still-vivid memory of my now-26-year-old daughter missing at the Jersey shore back when she was a little 4-year-old. The details between your Jenny's story and that of my Jennifer are eerily similar. I so know that feeling that you had when you were at long last reunited! Blessings abound -- Hugs, Pat

Nancy said...

Thank goodness for those "friends" - hope they know what a great thing they did, but then I hope anyone who sees a child by themselves would do the same thing.