Sunday, June 3, 2012

Maia's Islands

For family night tonight, I asked Maia to draw a picture of her dream home. She came up with Maia's Islands--a series of connectable islands with everything imaginable. I want to move there!

Super Sandy Climb (Climb a super-sandy mountain)
Super-swim (Swim with a water volcano)
Fantastic Food (Eat anything imaginable at this restaurant)
Wonderful Waves (Surf the adjustable-height waves)
Sand Castle Sand (Build sand castles)
Black Beach Park (Slide, swing, and go on the monkey bars)
Scary Slides Waterpark (Defy gravity on the Double-N jump)
Class Camp (Learn about everything under the sun inside)
Movie Madness (Watch any movie ever made)
Rest-and-Relax (Sleep, relax, and hang out in this cabana-style home)
Tourist Takes (Take pictures of cool underwater life)


Pat Barge said...

HOW VERY FUN!!! I remember having an elementary school assignment just like that. We had to create our own country with mountain ranges, cities, tourist attractions, historical sites, and the like! I just wrote on Grandpa Wayne's blog that I love these little walks through memory lane, and Maia gave me another one! Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

very good drawings,l was no good at drawing when l was at school,love dipi xx

Sarah said...

Love it!

مطبخ said...

thanks alot very much

Anonymous said...

when are you going to start blogging again ? love dipi xx

mfk1022 said...

I want to move there too!!!